2021 is an extremely challenging year. We who have confronted social and economic social and economic turmoil caused by the pandemic see the threats and impacts of climate change unfolding in front of our eyes. Challenged by such impacts, we not only succeeded in maintaining operations without interruption in the storm of COVID-19 together with our supply chain partners, but also continued to contemplate on how to implement sustainable governance with our core expertise. That is, with our innovative green engineering technologies, reach mutual success in the form of environmental protection and profitable business; and be committed to expand our social influence on global sustainability.


Oriented to “implementing the ESG spirit and developing green business”, Acter is absorbed in the core business and industrial innovation. By linking United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and our core competence, Acter has not only established a responsible supply chain and built a diverse and tolerant workplace, but also been promoting green low-carbon engineering, cultivating industrial talents, attentive to the disadvantaged monitory. It is our aspiration to create shared value for the society and win more reputation points with an excellent and sustainable corporate governance approach.


Over the years, we have been developing the concepts of corporate social responsibility based on the core value of “business integrity”. With a fully established risk management system, we insist on operational transparency, pay great attention to shareholders rights and interests, and continue to generate more value for stakeholders. All of these have made us a reliable company. During the progress of global transformation initiated by the pandemic, Acter will bring our influence into full play and move forward in the value chain to reach SDGs. It is our expectation that we will become a respectable corporate citizen and create an even more beautiful environment for the next generation. In the future, we will continue to work hard on sustainable development and cooperate with our partners and stakeholders to make the greatest contribution to the bring a positive development to the environment, society and economy.



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