human resources

Acter provides comprehensive training programs to enrich employees' professional skills for facilitate their growth and career fulfillment.


Career Fulfilment
New hire – Manager – Experienced manager – Senior manager

1. Job rotation

We encourage employees to develop diverse experiences to gaining perspective and expanding their areas of technical competence.

2. Project assignment

Project assignment provides opportunities to cooperate with colleagues from difference divisions. Employees gain valuable work experience while contributing to the company.

3. Overseas assignment

While Acter's globalization development, employees have chances for overseas assignments. The opportunities provide another stage for employees to gain experience and develop potential while increasing both their own and the company's competitiveness.



  1. Technical training: Acter provide professional courses that including design, sales, project management, project cost calculation, 3D drawing, QA and Safety control to help employees to equip with professional expertise and skills.
  2. General courses:Occasional seminars that including time management, communication, financial can accumulate colleagues' knowledge, energy as well as optimistic attitude.
  3. Management training: Acter provides management courses to enrich supervisor's management skills and practical experiences.
  4. New staff training: Each newly-recruited employee that joins the big Acter family has to go through a series of new employee training to understand company's policies, cultures, welfares and practical operations so that new employees can quickly adapt and assimilate into the work environment.