human resources

Welfare System

Providing a safe, comfortable working environment and offering a comprehensive and quality employee benefits is our first priority. Focus on profit sharing because employees are not only family member but company's shareholders.


Leisure Activities

  1. Acter family day
  2. Overseas & Domestic trip
  3. Group Activities
  4. Department Communion
  5. Year-end party


Insurance Plan

  1. Mandatory Insurance-National health insurance, labor insurance, Group Insurance.
  2. Contribution of 6% Labor Pension to Employee's Individual Account.


Employees Assistance

  1. Wedding Subsidy, Childbirth Subsidy, Funeral Allowance and emergency support
  2. Health Examination


Salary System

We offer various bonus programs to reward employees for performance excellence that contributes to the success of the company.

  1. Fixed Pay (Holiday benefits & Year-end bonus included) : 13.5 months annually salary.
  2. Performance Bonus: based on profitability, employees' contribution, and performance against corporate-defined goals.
  3. Appointed store.
  4. Proposal bonus.
  5. Outstanding student scholarship.
  6. Free Leisure tickets (movies tickets, Carrefour ticket..etc.)