2019 is a year full of challenges. Confronted by the changing political landscape, climate change induced fire disasters and serious resource exhaustion, Acter has not only continuously adjusted strategic arrangements in the industry and accelerated innovation transformation, but also implemented talent trainings and localization strategy, heading towards a sustainable growth.
Upholding the corporate culture of “integrity and modesty” and our initial business objectives, Acter has been focusing on “co-creation of value”, “environmental sustainability” and “common good shared by all generations” with high self-imposed standards over the years. Based on this long-established foundation, we also exert our efforts to achieve three goals: first, bring good talents and experiences from Taiwan to overseas by expanding our scope of services; second, connect to the world to promote more international standards, concepts and systems; third, promote innovation in research and development (R&D), such as proactively applying innovative technology and integrating core technology to conduct more social activities. Through these three goals, Acter aims to optimize the influence of our CSR policy and create an even more beautiful and comfortable space for more people and our environment.
Although people often ask us “does CSR conflict with operating performance?”, it is our faith to do both things right and do our best to establish a positive relation therebetween. This not only makes our employees feel being respected, but also shows them the Company’s efforts of establishing a meaningful business.
Departing from our core expertise of engineering, we insist on continuously ameliorating our three major competitive advantages – “engineering technology, safe quality and customer trust” – and cooperate with our supply chain partners to facilitate positive industrial competition and circulation; to createCSR ecosystem that wins in environment, society and economy; and to demonstrate our corporate values and missions. In 2019, not only have we received the CommonWealth Magazine’s Corporate CSR Citizen Award and Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award (TCSA) for the third consecutive time, but also we were ranked on top 5% in the Corporate Governance Evaluation for the fifth consecutive year. We have proactively integrated GRI sustainability indicators with Acter’s operating model to establish an ESG framework; and continuously analyzed, improved and tracked our performance thereof. Apart from positive support to the economy, what matters even more is that we succeeded in extending the positive influence of sustainability to society and environment. This has fully demonstrated our ability of integrating CSR with our core competence and our fulfillment of social responsibility by participating in CSR with our main business.
Although the year 2020 is full of challenges due to the spread of COVID-19, it is also full of opportunities. Facing the challenges of 2020, Acter has adjusted the overall strategic arrangements, applied flexible management efficiency and innovated skills using expertise to enhance the operating physic and authorize collaborative division of labor and sharing. While heading towards the visions of “implementing corporate social responsibility and creating shared values”, Acter hopes to make a blue ocean shift with everyone and creating an even more beautiful future with the community.


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Having business cores and social needs integrated, Acter has been promoting “youth empowerment” and “community oriented development in public welfare” with the aspiration of becoming a force for social stability and enhancing industrial competitiveness. From the offering of “e-library access” to students living in remote countries to providing internships to young students, Acter has, by building a friendly environment and establishing industrial-academic partnerships, successfully attracted and cultivated talents of the industry.
Corporate sustainability is the highest guiding principle for Acter’s business development. In the future, Acter will, by applying innovative and core technology and combing them with public welfare, coordinate and cooperate with stakeholders to maximize our efforts in creating economic, environmental and social sustainability.

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