Acter sets out from its profession to provide industries with clean production environment and effectively integrates energy-saving water and electricity, waste discharge and resource recovery facilities; reduces product unit cost, enhances industrial competitiveness, fulfills environmental protection and earth sustainability responsibilities, and exerts coordination, mutual assistance and sharing to create a win-win situation.

Acter pursues generational excellence; provides a stable development platform for young people; cares and guides growth and self-realization. Based on core skills, the diversified applications create a green enterprise and demonstrate the value of engineering service provider. Acter creates high-quality production and living spaces for customers through professional technology; and carefully plans each stroke and each line in the engineering drawing; adopts the best processes and construction methods to reduce waste of manpower and materials, practices energy conservation and carbon reduction with the supply chain to fulfill corporate responsibilities. Shareholders’ feedback is treated openly, justly, fairly, and transparently so as to strive for more positive reputation with high-quality corporate governance.

2021 is a year full of challenges. Facing the impact of the pandemic and changes in the industrial environment, we need to continuously improve ourselves. Other than facing challenges and paying attention to the development of the pandemic, Acter continues to adopt a development strategy of multiple industries, multiple regions, multiple types of work, vertical division of labor and horizontal integration as well as multiple talent cultivation deployment, and adheres to the core skills to develop multiple core businesses as the goal. International development is a long-term strategy. We will implement ESG and move towards sustainable business operation, and we look forward to moving towards common prosperity and common good.


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While facing the new coronavirus, global economic activities have been greatly impacted. In the face of the pandemic, Acter has not only actively cooperated with the pandemic prevention policy and deployment; established an emergency response team; and activated a backup mechanism to ensure the health of colleagues and the operation of the Company, but also has continued to focus on the core values of Acter; enhanced the industrial competitiveness to inject new vitality into the industry and actively strive to make perfect preparations.

Talent cultivation has always been the most important thing for Acter. The development of key positions and young potential talents are expedited by providing comprehensive career planning and strengthening cross-field management capabilities. We also encourage colleagues to pursue innovation and breakthroughs, cultivate vision and empathy, invest more in social participation with their own expertise.

We continue to move forward together in the pursuit of sustainable and common good to become a positive force for improving society.


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