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How to get the stock price of Acter?

Please go to the website of TWSE and input the stock number "5536" in the column of get stock on the right.

Website address is ""
Does Acter receive dividends distributed from its subsidiary Nova Technology Corp.? And will the dividends increase Acter’s profit?

Shareholders of Nova Technology Corp. that be stated in the register of shareholders on the ex-dividend date will receive dividends. Therefore, Acter will receive dividends based on the shareholding ratio as well.

Nova Technology Corp. is one of the Acter Group entities. Therefore, both revenue and profit of Nova Technology Corp. are included in the consolidated financial statements. When Acter receives dividends distributed from Nova Technology Corp., it does not affect Acter’s profit or the consolidated financial statements. It will only affect Acter’s cash flow when Nova Technology Corp. distributed cash dividends.

How does Acter recognize revenues?

Revenues of Acter group mainly come from construction and sales (equipment). Construction contract revenue is determined based on the percentage of completion method. The extent of completion is determined based on contract costs incurred for work performed to date in proportion to the estimated total contract costs. Any expected excess of the total contract costs over the total contract revenue will immediately be recognized as construction cost. On the other hand, revenue from the sale is recognized when persuasive evidence exists, usually in the form of an executed sales agreement, that the significant risks and rewards of ownership have been transferred to the customer, recovery of the consideration is probable, the associated costs and possible return of goods can be estimated reliably, there is no continuing management involvement with the goods, and the amount of revenue can be measured reliably.

When is the high season or low season for Acter?

Acter has no obvious high season or low season due to the characteristics of industry. Only in the first quarter, revenues would be in the low level cause of more national holidays and less work days.

What is the company’s dividend policy?

(1)The dividend policy according to the Article of Incorporation provides as follows.


Article 27 The company’s profit following annual closing, if any, shall be distributed in the following order:

A.Remit tax;

B.Compensate loss;

C.10% legal reserve, unless the amount of legal reserve has reached the total capital amount;

D.Special reserve in accordance with law and the competent authority.

E.Certain parts of the balance shall be included into accumulated undistributed profit from previous year based on the company’s current environment, growth stage and long term financial planning. The board of directors will distribute the remaining amount as shareholder dividend based on the capital situation and economic development of the current year. Cash dividend shall account for 10% or more of the total shareholder dividend and shall be proposed by the board of directors and submitted to the shareholder meeting for resolution.


(2)The board of directors shall set out the company’s dividend policy based on the operational performance and the need of capital and submit it to the shareholder meeting for resolution. According to the resolution of board, the distributed shareholder dividend would be not less than 51% of the current undistributed profit. Besides, cash dividend should account for 10% or more of the total shareholder dividend. Please refer to M.O.P.S website for more information.

What is the shareholding ratio of each subsidiary?