Acter Group Co., Ltd (5536) 2021 Second Quarter EPS Reached $5.81(NTD).

Rewrite the record for the second high in a single quarter, with a quarterly increase of 86%, increasing operational lean management, expanding regional order-acquisition momentum, and focusing on the upward momentum of future operations

Acter Group Co., Ltd. (will be abbreviated “Acter” in the after, stock code :5536) announced 2Q of 2021 performance.


2021 2Q Review

    • On a consolidated basis, revenue for the second quarter of 2021 is NTD 5.444 billion. Acter benefited from the orders of Cleanroom and Electro-Mechanical Integration Engineering which the major customers are in Taiwan and Southeast Asia, and the semiconductor industries’ continued investment in capital expenditure plans to accelerate the expansion of the factory has a clear trend, driving the second quarter's revenue to hit the new high record of single-quarter, a 52% increase compare to the first quarter. Although the second quarter is affected by materials and labor costs and the influence of the USD on the depreciation of the exchange rate of TWD and RMB and other unfavorable factors, Acter set a second highest record for the single quarter in the past year, cause of Acter’s overall revenue scale increased, implemented lean procurement, project personnel flexible deployment management strategy, appropriate reflect to the project construction period quotation such as materials, labor costs, etc., the second quarter profit after tax attributable to parent company reached NTD 332 million, Earnings per share (EPS) was NTD 5.81, an increase of 86% compared with the first quarter.

    • Acter indicated that benefits from industrial decentralized production and increased capital expenditure plans by the global industry, Acter's increased simultaneously with the recognition of project from major customers in the second quarter, creating a strong growth momentum for overall operations. The order demand in Taiwan and Southeast Asia has been flourishing, driving the revenue of Taiwan and other regions (including Southeast Asia) in the second quarter to 40% and 17% respectively. On the other hand, Acter deepens diversified construction methods and expands multi-industry orders niche, to meet customers' highly customized project engineering needs and create good market competitiveness, driving the second quarter revenue from semiconductor and electronic component industries to grow 49% and 64% compared with the first quarter respectively, proportion of overall revenue up to 53% and 22%.In the second quarter of Taiwan and Southeast Asia, despite the rising of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the group strengthened the management of pandemic prevention measures to ensure that the construction period of the projects is still within the controllable range for its major customers. Acter continues to make the most efficient allocation of materials and labor cost through lean operation management, and strives to control the cost and expense. The overall gross profit margin and operating profit ratio increased from 14% and 8% of the first quarter to 16% and 11% in the second quarter. Observing that the material prices have gradually stabilized since the second quarter, under the group's good operation management, it is expected to improve the overall profitability of operations


2021 3Q Outlook

    • Looking forward to the third quarter of 2021, Acter takes a cautious observation view due to the pandemic. At present, the overall construction recognition progress still requires continuous observation of the pandemic control situation in Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Acter is still optimistic that the semiconductor supply and demand imbalance will continue until 2023, driving international semiconductor manufacturers to expand new plants and increase production capacity plans, and the China government promotes the development of the Wide Bandgap Semiconductors Industry has also continued to increase, creating a growth environment for Acter which already has a tangible achievements in G3 semiconductor factory, and helping the Cleanroom and Electro-Mechanical Integration Engineering, chemical supply, and sub-assembly system equipment to maintain business in a good state. Acter continues to deepen its important operation strategy of multi-industry, multi-regional and multi-type of work, expecting to improve its operations in the future.

    • With the Sino-US trade war and the COVID-19 Pandemic disrupting the pace of the global industrial supply chain, the manufacturing industry and customer orders, have shifted their focus to ASEAN, Taiwan and other places outside the war, and actively invested in new factory expansion and production capacity plans in recent years. According to the statistics of Taiwanese investment in countries with new southward policies approved by the Investment Review Committee of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the total investment in Southeast Asia since 2010 has reached nearly USD 14 billion, of which Vietnam has the highest investment amount of USD 8.73 billion. Acter pointed out that with the group's presence in Southeast Asia such as Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand, and many years of good engineering performance, it can effectively meet the requirements for technology research and development and special construction methods for cleanrooms and electromechanical engineering in different industries. In the long term, we are optimistic about the global industry’s expansion plans in Taiwan and Southeast Asia. In the first half year, the total amount of uncompleted projects reach the highest level of the Group’s history, expecting to have good mid- to long-term operational momentum.


Acter 2021Q2 Concise Consolidated FS Report            Unit: NTD thousand/%

Items/Period 2021Q2 2021Q1 QOQ (%) 2021H1
Revenue 5,444,159 3,575,581 52.26 9,019,740
Profit after income tax-attributable to owners of parent 332,316 178,267 86.41 510,583
5.81 3.13 85.62 8.94


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