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ACTER cooperates with Hondao Volunteer Association in the fourth “Winter Offering for Elders Brooks no Delay” event, to show concern for solitary and underprivileged elders. Not only does ACTER sponsor the low-income, the physically or mentally challenged, and the solitary and underprivileged elders living allowance, but ACTER’s 30 employees participate in the charitable activity by shopping with the elder. This year, ACTER’s general manager, Chun-Sheng Wang, as one of the volunteers, upholds the faith in corporate citizenship and unfolds love and care by actions.


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(The picture above) General Manager Chun-Sheng Wang receives the Certificate of Appreciation from Hondao



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(The picture above) General Manager Chun-Sheng Wang gives out shopping vouchers


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(The picture above) warm interaction between volunteers and elders