This is the third year that Acter and Hondao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation joined together to hold “The Winter Elderly Caring Program” to care for elderly people living alone. This event, which was taken place last Saturday (November 30), successfully came to an end. Not only has Acter offered living allowance to 20 local elderly people who live alone and people who have low income or physical/mental difficulties, but also about 30 employees of our Company joined this charity event by accompanying the elderly people to do the shopping. Our warm interactions with the elderly have fully demonstrated our spirit of corporate citizen, and the love and mutual assistance existed in our society.

 (above) Acter’s volunteers accompanied the elderly and minority people to enjoy the fun of shopping.

(above)Volunteers’ warm interactions with the elderly.


(above)Volunteers accompanied the elderly to wait for the bus and provided assistance thereto.


(above)The elderly took barrier-free vehicle to go home.