Acter Co., Ltd. hit the record high again in FY 2018 Q2 and EPS reached NTD 8.01.


Acter Co., Ltd.(will be abbreviated “Acter” in the after, stock code :5536) announced operation of the second quarter (Q2) and July of 2018.


Key Highlights

Acter FY 2018 Q2 revenue is NTD 4.612 billion and gross profit from operating is 0.654 billion. The main reason of Acter FY 2018 Q2 high performance is the well-known high technology companies from Semi-conductor、Optoelectronics、Panel、Passive component and Printed circuit board… industries provides high level demand of equipment and electromechanical engineering orders. Net income attribute to parent company is NTD 0.43 billion. Although the stock dividend increases 15% of the common stocks, the quarterly EPS NTD 8.01 still hit the new record high. The quarterly net income also hit the new record high.


According to the performance of FY 2018 Q2 (base on the area of client’s built/expand location), the revenue ratio from China and Taiwan are 55% and 42%. The revenue from China has a significant growth rate of 212% compare to the same period of last year. The main reason of growth is the well-known high technology companies from Semi-conductor、Optoelectronics 、Panel and Passive component industries has substantially increased the demand of electromechanical engineering and Chemical supply system service from Acter. Under the steady investment on client’s projects, the quarterly net income hit new record high and the gross profit rate goes to 18.4%.


Acter FY 2018 July revenue is NTD 1.39 billion and has a growth rate of 81% compare to same period of last year; Acter FY 2018 cumulated revenue for the first six month is NTD 9.03 billion and has a growth rate of 39% compare to the same period of last year.


2018 Second Half Year Outlook

Outlook the FY 2018, the second half year is the busy period for the electromechanical engineering industry and has the chance to reach a new high investment in projects to provide revenue of second half year. Acter holds high level orders in hand in first half year and Semi-conductor、Optoelectronics 、 Panel industries、Passive component and Printed circuit board… industries from China and Taiwan expand capital investment and support the growth of Acter.


According to report from Topology Research Institute(TRI) about development trend of Global Silicon Wafer, the electronic product specifications、function and application field has substantially increase, and the demand of chip and efficacy of chip also are increasing. The report estimates the sale scale of the Global Silicon Wafer will reach USD 10.694 billion and has a yearly growth rate of 20.2%, hence the Silicon Wafer industry with enormous demand to push the Silicon Wafer companies build and expand the factories to fulfill the demand. Acter’s order in hand includes providing the well-known high technology companies from Silicon Wafer industry clean room and electromechanical engineering service. Acter is an expert of factory design and executive, excellent on different industries field engineering application service. With the substantially growth of Silicon Wafer、Semi-conductor and Optoelectronics… industries, the factory system engineering service demand will bring positive boost for the operation of the company.


(attachment I)Acter FY 2018 Q2 brief statement:                                        Unit:NTD Thousand dollar;%


2018/Q2  2017/Q2  YOY(%)  2018/1H YOY(%)
Revenue   4,612,242  2,967,291 55% 7,641,179 34%
Net Incomeattribute to parent company   429,851  244,133 76% 628,464 39%
EPSNTD   8.01  4.57   11.73  


(attachment II)Acter FY 2018 July Revenue brief statement:                      Unit:NTD Thousand dollar;%



2018  2017  YOY 
July   1,392,196  768,113 81.25%
Jan-July   9,033,375  6,478,052 39.45%


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