Although impacted by new IFRS and Business income tax rate raised up 3%, Acter Co., Ltd. FY 2018 Q1 still outstanding and EPS reached NTD 4.28.


Acter Co., Ltd.(will be abbreviated “Acter” in the after, stock code :5536) announced operation of the first quarter of 2018(2018 Q1)


Key Highlights


Acter FY 2018 Q1 revenue is NTD 3.029 billion, net income attribute to parent company is NTD 0.199 billion and the EPS is NTD 4.28.


The impact of business income tax raised up 3% was increase income tax expense NTD 34.087 million at FY 2018 Q1, and its subsidiary- NOVA TECHNOLOGY CORP. was effected by IFRS 15 and made net income NTD 104.2 million had been recorded to increase retained earnings, the two interferences merely decreased Acter parent company income NTD 7.975 million if we compared with FY 2017 Q1, obviously the Acter’s business operation very steady and FY 2018 Q2 won’t be effected by the two factors.


At the FY 2018 Q1, there are 55% revenue from Semi-conductor industry and grew up to 100%, it can be interpreted the semi-conductor industry continue to develop advance process and implement new capacity to meet the market demand, thus will generate Acter’s business opportunity. At the FY 2018 Q1, Acter’s revenue from Chain area and Taiwan area is respectively 56% & 40% and China area annual growth rate is 53%, it showed that Acter getting close the harvest time in Chain area after several years preparation.


2018 Q2 Outlook


Outlook the FY 2018 Q2, we estimated under Semi-conductor industry、Optoelectronics and Panel industry and others expand capital expenditure in China and Taiwan area, Acter will get abundantly business opportunity at main operation items – the clean room and electro-mechanical turn-key; the only temporary inferior is 2018 Q2 national holidays result less work days, so basically, FY 2018 Q2 is full of optimism atmosphere.


Acter will integrate existing business item - the clean room、electro-mechanical turn-key、liquid & gas chemical system and civic work to make synergy and expand service scope, besides focus on the Semi-conductor industry、Optoelectronics and Panel industry, Acter also seek to acquire multiple industries contract like package testing industry and LED Industry to make sure operation performance continue step forward.


(attachment I)Acter FY 2018 Q1 brief statement:        Unit:NTD Thousand dollar;%

  2018/1Q  2017/1Q  YOY (%)
Revenue   3,028,937  2,742,648 10.4
Net Income   198,613  206,588  (3.9)
EPS(NTD)  4.28  4.47  NA


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