iso9001 iso14001 ohsas18001



To become the "creator of quality space", the quality of our engineering services is crucial to Acter. We have now achieved ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 14001 environmental management system and OHSAS 18001 occupational safety & health management system certification. We are continuing to practice and refine the associated management systems as well.


Quality management and improvement are practiced in every stage from design, equipment purchasing & acceptance, construction management, function testing and management, after-sales service and more. We also follow stringent engineering quality certification standards.


Design validation

We need to fully understand the client's requirements, the building's overall layout, special features of the manufacturing, future expandability and more. Engineering requirements and designs are confirmed through extensive communication and discussion with the client to ensure that they meet the client's requirements.


Equipment and material acceptance

We practice supplier management through performance evaluations and factory inspections. Employees are expected to understand the specifications and functions for every piece of equipment to ensure that they buy the right high-quality equipment required for the project.


Construction manage

6-S and the associated management systems are practiced to ensure that the standards for engineering, construction quality, waste reduction and occupational safety are met at every point.


Installation validation

Best-practice techniques and in-depth blueprint reviews are used to realize the spirit of "doing things right the first time". Self-quality inspection and management are also practiced. We strive to ensure that every step is executed perfectly.


Operational validation

Check that facilities or equipment will operate normally within their normal operating range based on the operating procedures and regulations. 


Performance validation

The design validation, installation validation, operational validation and quality management processes are used to define the performance validation procedures and checklists. Every item is then checked and verified to ensure optimal performance.


After-sales service

We guarantee our construction work and can also provide plant administration services at the client's request. We can assist the clients with equipment inspection, maintenance and repairs on a regular or on-call basis to ensure consistent service delivery and space quality.