In order to implement corporate social responsibility, promote economic, environmental and social progress, and at the same time fulfill the Company's sustainable operation and management, on April 29, 2014, the Acter Board of Directors approved the "Code of Practice for Corporate Social Responsibility" as the Company's sustainable development norms to continue refining works on all aspects. In addition to seeking the best interests for shareholders, while taking into account the rights and interests of relevant stakeholders, mitigating the risks of climate change impacts and complying with social ethics, we hope to build a living environment of " creating value together, environmental sustainability, and good for generations", and promise to perfect Company management fundamentals, fulfill social civic responsibilities, and realize the vision of green engineering.

In light of the increasing emphasis on ESG, CSR and other issues at home and abroad, and corporate social responsibility also playing a key role and core competitiveness in driving corporate sustainability, Acter has established a "Corporate Social Responsibility Committee" in 2019. In addition to regular supervision of corporate sustainability event performance, sustainable development is included in the decision-making consideration of corporate operations and important strategies. The chairman of the board serves as the committee chairman, the general management office serves as the executive secretary, and five groups are set up: "sustainable operation group, green economy group, risk management group, sustainable supply chain group, and corporate care group" to implement economic, environmental, and social issues so as to echo the ESG strategy. The progress and effectiveness are also monitored and evaluated through group meetings, and the results are submitted to the board of directors every year, and summarized the directors’ recommendations to be proposed in the CSR report. A total of 8 work meetings were held in 2020. The effectiveness of CSR implementation was reported by the board of directors on November 6, 2020 and disclosed on the Company's website.