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Company Profile 

ACTER CO., LTD., (Stock Code: 5536) was founded in 1979, and the head office is located in Taichung City, Taiwan. Since its incorporation, ACTER has been introducing the latest engineering technologies with the hope of making revolutionary breakthroughs for the industry and to help customers realize their dreams and win competitions. These efforts symbolize our consistent commitment - each piece of work symbolizes a masterpiece and our company's image. In this way, we provide the best quality, most professionally-based technologies, and most thoughtful services.

ACTER has secured the certifications for "ISO 9001 - Quality Management System", "ISO 14001 – Environment Management System", and "ISO 45001 – Vocational Safety and Hygiene Management System", which have been strictly implemented in ACTER to ensure that our quality, environmental protection, and work safety can be maintained at the optimal level. To serve our customers, we have also set up outlets in Taipei, Shinchu, Tainan and Kaohsiung apart from our head office in Taichung. In addition, we have established branch offices in Suzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai in Mainland China, and others in Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand in order to render the highest quality, and fast, efficient services. 

Up to now, ACTER has been evolving into a technological engineering company offering diversified services. In addition to the existing engineering realm for the integration of mechanical and electrical, A/C, water supply/drainage, automatic control and Clean Room, active moves have been taken in developing technologies for energy conservation and biotech engineering. Furthermore, our operations also include engineering services for chemical supply systems through merger programs. Recently, we have even introduced Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd., of Sumitomo Group as our key strategic shareholder to jointly develop newer engineering technologies regarding globalization.

In the future, ACTER will keep progressing to accomplish the self-motivation of becoming "a creator of high-quality space" in order to provide an optimal environment that can satisfy the user's demand in the aspects of living space or production space in work, and to realize our consistent commitment -- each piece of work symbolizes a masterpiece and our company's image. To this extent, we provide the best quality, most professionally-based technologies, and most thoughtful services for our customers.



Corporate Governance Chart

Corporate Governance Chart 2019EN


Corporate Governance Unit 

Upon approval by the board on Apr. 11, 2019, the company has appointed assistant vice president of financial division, Tsao, Yun-Han, as the chief corporate governance officer to be in charge of corporate governance affairs and designated Chairman and Board of Directors to be in charge of supervision. Ms. Tsao is the managerial officers of the company and has been in a managerial position at least three years in a public company in handling financial affairs, meeting the requirements of the chief corporate governance officer.


  • Main duties and business execution

The chief corporate governance officer performs its business according to the duties. The main duties and business execution are shown as follows.

  1. Furnishing information required for business execution by directors and arranging continuing education for directors.

  2. Updating the developments of laws and regulations relating to the operation of the company in order to assist directors with legal compliance.

  3. Plans to scheme proper corporate system as well as organizational frame to accelerating the independency of Board of Directors, transparency of company and compliance of decree.

  4. Before directors’ meeting, it will inquiry the opinion of every director to scheme and formulate agenda, inform to all directors for attendance at least 7 days prior to the meeting, and provide sufficient meeting materials and explain the proposals for directors’ understanding about the content of relevant proposal as well as complete meeting minutes within 20 days after the board meetings.

  5. Registers date of shareholders’ meeting every year according to the deadline of law, produces and declares meeting notice, handbook for agenda and proceeding by deadline, and handles amendment registration after revision of Article of Incorporation or re-election of directors.

  6. Improves relevant information of corporate governance in compliance with the indicator of corporate governance evaluation system.

  7. Pay attention to the transparency and symmetry of information to protect shareholders' rights.



  • Implementation of Corporate Governance