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There is no end for pursuing corporate sustainability and fulfilling corporate social responsibilities. Becoming stronger and more sophisticated will make a company more competent, complete and being able to contribute to shareholders, employees, society and environment. Creating a platform for the youth is to reach our goal of “becoming better” than "being good".

Having symmetric and transparent information; building a cohesive team; being honest to stakeholders are our first steps to shape our corporate culture. By doing so, we have managed to build trust and credibility with customers, win the brand reputation and position ourselves as a creator of quality space with our quality control measures, safety, technology and short-lead time.

On the premise to protect our living environment, Acter focuses on consolidation of stocks and technology orientation. Our core competencies are system integration and applications, including energy saving, waste reduction and recycling. We are seeking not only to become better and better to save sustainable resources for earth, but also to take actions after the actions.

Whatever we take from the society shall be used for the society: Walnuts and pears you plant for your heirs. With our core competence, we are doing our best to care for the society and sow the seeds for future generations. We encourage our staffs to join the line to do something that is really meaningful. This will surely continue generation after generation and we will become better year after another year.





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